About Us

Stackend Solutions develops custom web application solutions for startups across the United States. Using a modern, performant web stack that includes React and Python, we deliver platforms that bring life to ambitious ideas.

What We Do


We begin a project by working with you to define requirements and craft design specs, visualizing the product.


Our team of developers then assemble the product to your specifications, utilizing your input along the way.


We handle hosting and post-production iteration so you can begin using the product and enjoy improvements seamlessly.

What Sets Us Apart

A Modern Web Stack

Using React, Redux, Python, Flask, Docker, and more, Stackend Solutions harnesses the power of new technologies to deliver web applications that load lightning fast.

Code-ified Deployment

Our deployment stack is entirely defined in code. With a single command you can deploy your platform anywhere with built-in support for the ELK stack, metabase, and more.

Security Focus

Security is a primary focus during development. We use JSON Web Token for authentication, and regularly perform security checks to make sure your data is safe.

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427 N Tatnall St #25251
Wilmington, DE 19302
United States of America